More About Me

I’ve been a Realtor® since 2012, and I have to say that getting into this business is the best decision I ever made—I’m getting so many splendid opportunities to help people!

Keeping my commitments manageable is vital to me because I always want to be available and responsive to my clients. Every client has their level of involvement. Every client has their communication preference. And every client has their life situation. Focusing on my clients allows me to individualize my work and communication to best suit their requirements. It’s a win-win because I get to enjoy meeting and helping people.

Through my years of working in various corporate environments, I developed a keen ability to anticipate the timing, format, and quantity of information my clients want and need, but it was still a pleasant surprise when one of my investor clients told me I’m the best real estate agent ever! His compliment was humbling because he’s had several good agents help him.

Whether you’re a first-time buyer, transitioning from the home in which you raised your family, an experienced frequent mover, or have real estate as one of your significant investments, I want to be there to help you. For sellers, I can market your property to a wide variety of buyers and am available to stage and have your property professionally photographed. I will help you get your home ready for sale, and I will create an effective marketing strategy for you. Whether a buyer or a seller, I want to be a resource for you and can help you find the professional services you may need or want.